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How to Plan and Plant Your Asiatic Minima Jasmine

Planning an extensive ground cover landscape project?  We're here to help.  No matter how inexpensive the plants are, filling in a median or parkway with Asiatic jasmine is going to take a few plants! Lets start with a simple math review to calculate the area in square feet so that you know exactly what quantity you'll need.  We recommend planting about one plant per square foot for rapid coverage. 

Calculating Area for Plant Quantities

Rectangular areas are of course the easiest.  The formula to calculate your square footage is basic Length X Width.  For example, If you have a parkway that is 20 feet wide by 50 feet: 20X50=1000 Square Feet  If you are planting on 12 inch centers, you'll need 1000 4 inch plants.  

Planting a circle of ground cover under an oak or other tree?   You want to first measure across the middle of the circle you want to plant, to get the Diameter.  HALF of the diameter is the "radius" of the circle.  Once you've calculated the radius, The formula is  AREA= PI X R Squared.  So.. the way I do it: 

Say the diameter is  12 feet,  1/2 the diameter is 6 feet which is also the radius.  Multiply the radius by itself  6x6=36 and multiply that (36) by 3.14.    36X3.14= 114 SF.   If your tree is large, you can use the same formula to remove it from your total area, if desired.   I recommend that you leave the diameter of the tree in. It's always better to have a few more plants than not enough! 

What if you want to plant within a curvy border?   I treat it more or less like a rectangle.. measure off the "average" width and multiply it by the total length.  This will get you pretty close.  

You can easily pace off for landscape measurements using average stride calculation.  A man's average stride is 2.5 feet and a woman's is 2.2 feet. 

Planting your Minima Jasmine

Planting 2 inch minima jasmine is the easiest thing in the world.  If your soil is poor, its always a good idea to put down a layer of good rich soil.  After prepping, use a 2 inch paddle type wood bit on a cordless drill and just zip in planting holes in your planting area.  Each plant is in a cell. Gently squeeze the cell and pull. The plant will release from it's cell.  Then, just place it in the hole.  You can plant 120 2 inch minima jasmine really quickly with this method.  After all of your jasmine is in their new home, water in thoroughly.  This will case the top soil to fall into each hole filling it around the plant. 

If you are starting with 4 inch plants, you can use the same method, but wallow out each hole a little wider to accommodate the 4 inch root ball.  

Start your minima jasmine out right by sprinkling Osmacote or any controlled release fertilizer throughout the planting area. Do not put controlled release fertilizer in the planting hole!  

If you want to prevent weeds from growing as your minima jasmine fills in, you can mulch the area. 






Caring for Minima Jasmine After Planting

Water your minima daily for the first month as it gets established in it's new home. If in full sun, you may need to extend this daily watering for a second month.  After this initial time period, you'll be able to cut back to once a week, but keep an eye on conditions and the plant, irrigating as necessary.  

Ready to get started?  Click here to visit our minima jasmine collection! 

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