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Introducing The MicroPro Microgreen Grow Kit!

Want to Grow Microgreens? Here's Where to Start

The MicroPro Microgreen Grow Kit has everything you need to grow any microgreen crop in a countertop sized tray system.  We include the three most popular microgreen growing media to assure your success no matter what size seeds you are sowing.  

Included in the Microgreen Grow Kit:

  • Two 2 part tray sets (10x13")with two germination lids
  • Two 1 qt Coir Wafers enough for 4 crops
  • Two 10 x 20 jute pads enough for 4 crops 
  • Instructions for growing right on the band! 

Meet The Famous Green and White Trays

You cannot beat our 2 part Green and White trays! They are the backbone of our MicroPro Microgreen growing system.  Measuring a convenient 10x13 inches they are the perfect size for counter tops, windowsills, or racks. These trays allow you to grow your microgreen crops hydroponically with the white mesh tray that holds your seeds, nesting into the green bottom tray which serves as a reservoir providing water to the roots of your micros.  And let me tell you.. the roots your seeds quickly produce, will grow right though the mesh, seek out that water, suck it up, and your microgreens will take off!  Topping the nested trays is a germination lid that you will use to provide humidity as your seeds germinate.  

Using the Mesh Tray As Your Microgreen Growing Media

speckled pea seeds germinating on MicroPro mesh tray

If you are growing crops that start with larger seeds, like pea shoots, mung beans or sunflower, you can grow directly on the mesh without using any other media.  Usually larger seeds need to soak overnight, just like you would soak dried beans.  Rinse them before you place them into the tray.  Mist heavily and add the lid, placing them in a warm dark place for 2 to 4 days, misting twice daily and changing the water in the reservoir.  

Using the Jute Felt Pads As Your Microgreen Growing Media

radish micrgreens germinating with jute on micropro tray

Seeds like radish, lettuces, cabbages and broccoli, may be too small to grow directly on the mesh.  That's why we include the jute pads.  Simply cut a 10X20 pad in half and wet it thoroughly in warm water.  Jute felt is tough and can be treated like a rag. Rinse it well in warm water and squeeze it out, placing it on top of the mesh tray.  You can stretch it as needed to fit.  Then sow your seeds right on top.  Mist heavily and place the lid on top.  Put your sowed trays in a warm dark place misting a couple of times daily while keeping water in the reservoir tray.  Change the water in the reservoir at least once daily.  Once you have good germination, you can bring them into the light. 

Using the Coir As Your Microgreen Growing Media

1 quart coco coir wafer expanded

For seeds that really like to be covered, like cilantro and sometimes sunflower, we've provided coir wafers. Each 1 qt coir wafer will be enough for two trays. Start by expanding the coir wafer by adding a cup and a half of warm water to the wafer right in it's bag. The expanding bag could leak so place it on a dish to protect surfaces.  The coir will expand immediately into a full quart ! Squeeze the bag to fluff it up then place a paper towel on top of the mesh and add a light layer of coir. Sow your seeds and top them with more coir.  Spray well to mist, cover with the lid,  and place in a dark warm spot misting daily for 2 to 4 days. Replace the reservoir water daily. 

When Your Microgreen Crop Is Growing Taller

At around the 4th day, you can bring your Microgreen crop into the light. You want to maintain the humidity so you will continue to use the germination lid for a couple more days at least, misting as needed.  You do not want your micro starts to dry out and you always want to maintain water in the reservoir.  As the root system gets more established, the plants will drink more and more each day.  Growth once in the light is amazing. They will color up almost immediately!

The Image below is of pea shoots, day 4, 12 hours of light!

pea shoots day 4

When to Stop Misting Your Microgreens

At some point you will stop misting. Once you have good germination with root penetration, it's time to start bottom watering only. Misting is no longer necessary after you have good strong root development into the reservoir. You will also stop using the germination lid.  To bottom water, simply lift the top mesh tray up while you tilt to dump the old water. Then add fresh water to the reservoir.  Changing the water daily reduces the risk of bacteria growth and mold.   

Storing Your Microgreens

After cutting, do not wash or wet the microgreens. You want them as dry as possible for storing, or they will rot.  Line a gallon re-closable plastic bag with a couple of paper towels and loosely place the microgreens inside.  They will store amazingly well in the refrigerator.  As long as they smell fresh, they are good to eat.  If you feel the need, you can rinse before you eat them.  

Speaking of Eating Them...

Microgreens are fantastic in salads, soups, on sandwiches and beautiful as a garnish for just about anything.  Since microgreens taste like the mature vegetable, they can be used to enhance flavor anywhere you want it.  Try Broccoli or chive microgreens on a baked or mashed potato.. Use radish microgreens to top a nice Filet (their taste is somewhat like horseradish). Pea shoots are fantastic on sandwiches to replace lettuce.  Actually any microgreen is a compliment to a sandwich!  There are just so many ways to enjoy them! 

It's also fun to bring a whole tray to a party.. they are great conversation starters and people love snipping them and adding them to their dish! 

green peashoots garnishing avocado tomato sandwich

Ready to Get Growing? 

Click here and get your Microgreen Growing Kit on the way! 

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