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Air Plants

Tillandsias, affectionately known as "air plants" are a genus of over 650 species and enjoying extreme popularity. These unusual plants are cousins of bromeliads and orchids, require very little care, love indirect but bright light and humidity.  Great for crafting and loaded with color, personality, and texture, they can be glued or wired into amazing arangements on rocks, branches, and wood. Specimens are found all over the world and air plants are one of the easiest to care for plants on earth!

We offer collections of tillandsias in the perfect quantities for crafting.  With each selection you get an assortment of healthy fresh tillandsias, ready to grace your project.  Need a larger quantity?  Just contact us and we we can put together an order just for you.  

Our collections are growers choice, and variety will be varied. If you absolutely must have a single variety, please contact us and we will try to match your needs.  

Please read descriptions carefully.  

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