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Trachelospermum asiaticum Minima Jasmine

Trachelospermum asiaticum Minima Jasmine "Texas Longleaf" ground cover

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Please Note: We do not ship to Texas, California or Louisiana! 

If you are looking for a groundcover with a little different texture, try Texas Longleaf Minima Jasmine.  As it's name implies, it has a longer leaf and makes a great statement in your yard, under your oaks or just as a stunning border.  It has the same vine like characteristics of the other minima jasmines with a silvery appearance.  Plant it in rich soil about 2 inches deep no further than 12 inches apart. It will grow in sun or shade.  Water regularly untill established and add some time release fertilizer for best results. 

Buy our Texas Longleaf minima jasmine in 2 inch or 4 inch cells.  2 inch minimum order is 120 (two 60 unit trays fit in one box) or 36 4 inch cells (1 boxe of 36 each)  this plant is hardy to zone 7b. 

The purchase price for  Texas Longleaf  Minima Jasmine is for a "unit" quantity of 120 plants in  2 inch cells. This will cover apprx 100 SF.   OR if you prefer 4 inch plants,  the unit of order is 36 4 inch cells, This quantity will also cover about 50 SF.  If your area is larger, then just add additional units to your cart.  Both the 2 inch cells and 4 inch cells are fully rooted with three plants per cell, and ready to grow.   

We ship minima jasmine all over the south and are equipped to handle your quantities.  

If you need a 1,000 or more, please contact us for a custom quote including custom low cost delivery.  We ship throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina.  WE are not shipping to Texas or Louisiana at this time.