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Growing Medium Coir

Incredible Coir Products! 

Made from coconut husks, coco coir, as most fanatics now know, is a fantastic growing media, Not only does it retain water it also has great drainage and air porosity.  All of our coco coir (or as some call it "coco peat") products are washed and ready to use. With a Low EC < .8,  a pH between 5.5 and 6.5, it is a perfect medium for hydroponic growing, mushroom culture, reptile bedding, worm farming, or soil amendiing. We have coir products in many configurations for any type of project.  We provide any type of coir product from discs and seed starters, blocks, bricks, bales, pre filled open top grow bags, flat grow bags, expanded 2 yard super sacks, and more.  We can supply single units to multiple container orders.  Special orders, private label, custom blends are all available options.  Contact us for wholesale pricing. 

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