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Growing Medium

Quality Coco Coir Products

Coir is growing in popularity daily.  Made from coconut husks, this fantastic growing media is unique in that it not only retains water it also promotes great drainage.  All of our coco coir (or as some call it "coco peat") products are washed and ready to use in your grow.  Low EC < .8 pH between 5.5 and 6.5, coir is very popular for hydroponic use, to amend dry or clay soils, or mixed with compost to create a great potting mix.  We have coir products in many configurations for any type of grow.  We provide any type of coir product from discs and seed starters, blocks, bricks, bales, pre filled open top grow bags, flat grow bags, expanded 2 yard super sacks, and more.  We can supply single units to multiple container orders.  Special orders, private label, custom blends are all available options.  

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