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Hydroponic Vertical Hydro Rack System Requires NO Plumbing

Hydroponic Vertical Hydro Rack System Requires NO Plumbing

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Yes.. we said that.. NO plumbing required on this superior system that uses every iota of technology the big vertical growers use,  in a simple effective Hydro Rack.

What's Included:

  •  Led Lights with fine tuned veg spectrum. These very lights are used in some of the  largest vertical hydro systems in the world.
  •  Unique tray system, each with it’s own pump and reservoir.  This translates to no  pipes, no pipe supports no collecting or recycling nutrients
  •  Ability to grow 165 heads of leafy greens per month per each 4 foot rack.

This is a serious vertical farm that produces efficiently and fast.

Unit foot print is 4’wide, 20 ” deep and 6 feet tall.  Light and pump operation is automatic.

Grow indoors, in a greenhouse, shed, closet,  with ease 365 days per year. Supply your family, or buy multiples and grow for profit.  

The key to the Hydro Rack is the tray with it's reservoir and pump.  Each tray has it's own pump and distributes nutrients via a button emitter that feeds nutrients to each individual net pot through grooves molded into the top. Made from food grade ABS plastic, each reservoir has it's own fill level indicator and since it is completely independent from the next trays, growers are able to grow separate crops that may have different nutrient or pH requirements.  Each HydroRack comes with 8 trays and interchangeable tops.  Two tops come with 36 spaces, for seeding and cloning, and  6 tops come with 16 spaces, to grow out herbs or gourmet greens.  It enables a perpetual harvest of 5 heads per day of  clean pure food, free from pesticides, free from herbicides.  

Lets Talk About the LED lights

If you want the LED lights that the really high tech giant vertical farms use? These ARE those lights, with just the right spectrum and intensity needed to crank up the growth cycle of leafy greens, microgreens, and herbs. This specific blend of red blue white spectrum LED's also reduces the nitrate level in the plants. This is an issue with hydroponic production.  They are completely encased in food grade plastic and are waterproof IP6 rating. Life span is 50,000 hours.

So.. forget about the pipes and the hole saws and the clamps and the valves and the reducers and the bushings and the reservoirs and the support system.

You've got everything you need right here to be your own urban farm!  Want to go for profitable leafy greens and sell at farmer markets, convenience stores and grocery stores?  Order MORE TRAYS...You can then deliver live growing food to your customers. Consumers can simply pluck the net pot with the head of their choice right from the reservoir.  Since the reservoir holds the nutrient solution, it's not necessary to deliver with the pumps, your lettuces and herbs will be just fine for quite some time, growing in their home.  

We are prepared to offer these at an incredible price.. but there is a catch, and that is time.   These are being assembled for us (and you) right now, but we are 90 days out for delivery.. (that's as of February 2)  We should have in stock by April 1st.   Being honest, the more we can add to the order.. the better.  I know it's a long time to wait and it's killing us too! But, we promise you will not be disappointed. 

We are always looking for distributor alliances, and group buys..together we are stronger. 

 Please contact us if you may want to place an order for 10 units or more. OR if you want to offer the HydroRack in your hydroponics store or garden center.