Winter be Kind!

About Us

We Believe in the Power of Plants... for Our Souls, For the Earth, For the Bees!

HydroPro Sales provides quality plant materials throughout the United States. In addition we source cool garden and hydroponic products for consumers and wholesale customers. The staff of Hydropro Sales Inc is driven by passionate curiosity, many interests, and we love to share design, horticulture, agriculture, gardening and art related projects ideas and products. With our many interests, you’ll always find new products, new ideas, and cool stuff at the Shopify page of HydroProSales Feel free to contact us and connect! We’d love to get to know you!
We are Florida Corporation located in the Tampa Bay Area, We are a licensed Nursery by the Florida Department of Agriculture, and love plants, horticulture and agriculture.  We are led (and sometimes astray) by the notorious and amazing Barbara Langford, who is so chock full of ideas and energy, it's sometimes hard to keep up!  Her goal is to pass along ideas as well as savings for all the items we sell.