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5 gal Coco Coir Open Top Grow Bags 6 pack

5 gal Coco Coir Open Top Grow Bags 6 pack

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Used by pro growers worldwide, coir is the perfect media for hydroponic crops. Made from coconut husks, coir is the ultimate combo of a moisture retaining, AND a well draining growing media.  These 5 gallon grow bags are popular for tomatoes, peppers, berries and cucumbers.  Coir has a high air volume and is perfect for cloning, cuttings, seeds and more. 

Each 5 gallon bag comes with a compressed block of coir. Just add water to hydrate. The pH of this substrate is between 5.5 and 6.2 with a EC <.08. Drainage holes are pre-drilled  in the bag.   

Coir is an inert media without nutritional qualities. You'll need to add fertilizer through drip or other means. 

Minimum order is 6 bags.  

Available wholesale in pallet quantities of 300.  Container quantities of 6000. 

Shipping will be calculated for pallets,  Quotes available for container quantity.  Please contact us for more info. 

The blend in our standard grow bag is 70%pith 30% fiber.  Other blends available on request.