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Quality Coco Coir 5 KG Pallets FOB CT-FL

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Quality Coco Coir in pallet sizes, available wrapped or naked.  

Our coir is washed and ready to use with Low EC and pH of 5.5 to 6.5

Please note, price is quoted without shipping.  Prices are FOB from Ship Point  

Pallet sizes:

Wrapped Coir 5 kg Block  1/2 pallet  100 blocks  6.50 per block

  • Pallet size 42X48X48h 
  • Wt  1100 lbs (1/2 metric ton)
  • Loadability 40' HC 40 pallets

Unwrapped Coir 5 kg Block Full Pallet 200 blocks 6.00 per block

  • Pallet size 42X48X96
  • Wt 2200 lbs  (1 metric ton)
  • Loadability 40' HC 20 pallets

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Direct from factory  (India/Sri Lanka) container delivery, Please contact us for competitive quote. Private label, custom blends, sizes.