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Coco Coir Brick 650 Grams

Coco Coir Brick 650 Grams

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Can't beat coir bricks for easy storage and just to have on hand when you bring home that plant you could not resist from the garden store.  When water is added, 650 gram bricks make about 2 gallons of quality coco coir peat.  If you are planting in a 3 gallon container, it's the perfect amount when you are adding a 1 gallon plant.  

Our bricks are pre-washed for low salt and low EC, have a pH of 5.5 to 6.5 and have a wonderful airy texture, perfect for seed starting, cuttings and growing just about anything.  Coco coir has great water retention and amazing drainage and is used worldwide by professional hydroponic growers.  Use with fertilizer.

Bricks are also a great size for reptile bedding or as a worm farm base.

We can supply any quantity of coco bricks, from singles to multiple full container loads.  Private label and custom blends available. Please contact us for quote.