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Trachelospermum jasminoides Confederate Jasmine Variegated Groundcover Climbing

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Variegated Confederate Jasmine is an extremely robust ground cover and also has a climbing habitat as well. It will work to cover large areas quickly and can be used not only as a ground cover but will also climb walls,  fences, arbors, pergolas, arches and more.  Its soft green/white color  adds a silvery sheen where ever it is planted.  Blooming once a year in spring, the blossoms are heavenly scented.  Like it's cousin the green confederate jasmine, it sends out woody vines that tangle together to form a dense mat.  It can be trimmed for control of space.  

2 inch Variegated Confederate Jasmine plugs are a great way to get a large area covered fairly fast. Plant in rich soil no more that 12 inches a part, fertilize, and keep watered until established.  You will quickly be enjoying a robust ground cover!   This plant will grow in sun or shade and is hardy to zone 7b.  

We offer our confederate jasmine in both 2 and 4 inch plugs.   2 inch size, minimum order is 120 cells.  4 inch, minimum order is 36.  Make your size choice from the dropdown box above. 

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