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Creeping Fig GREEN (Ficus pumila) Wall Cover Plant

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Please note! We do not ship to Texas, Louisiana or California due to strict import restrictions! 

Creeping Fig aka "Ficus pumila", is the ultimate climber for fences, walls, trellises and more. Ficus is the perfect plant for topiaries too!  This tough tropical plant (zone 8 or higher) will literally march up your walls and fences. Once established, creeping fig needs no water than what is provided by nature. It appreciates rich well drained soil and a bit of fertilizer to get started.  Fertilize after established twice a year as needed.   It is a heat loving plant that can grow in full sun to part shade. 

The nature of this adorable ficus is VERTICAL!  While it can be used as an attractive tough groundcover, it will climb any vertical objects it detects.  It can be controlled in beds by pruning and confining.  Prune ficus growing on walls to create more density.  

Creeping fig is sold in 2 inch and 4 inch cells.  Please choose from the drop down menu.  Minimum order is 120 2 inch or 36 4 inch.