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Jute Microgreen Seed Mats 100% Natural, Compostable

Jute Microgreen Seed Mats 100% Natural, Compostable

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Microgreens grow great on these 10x20 jute microgreen growing pads. Designed to fit standard 10x20 growing trays, they are moisture absorbent and drain easily.  Seed roots readily penetrate the jute pads. 

Jute is a fibrous plant similar to hemp. These pads are made from jute fibers needle punched into a natural felt-like product.  They cut easily with scissors into any shape, if desired.  

Start your micro-green crop by soaking the jute pads in water to be sure they are moist. They are tough and can be treated like a sponge. Place pads in 10x20 nursery tray with holes, add micro-green seeds  at recommended density and mist thoroughly.  Keep seeds dark for 2 to 3 days, or use your own germination method.  Place into light after the 3rd day (for most varieties)  Bottom watering is very effective for the jute pads. Place under LED grow lights, High Output florescent or bright natural light to encourage rapid healthy growth. Harvest when first real leaves appear, about 8 to 10 days for many varieties.  

Because of extreme root penetration, you will use the jute pad only once per crop.  It is completely compost worthy. 

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