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LED Grow light HPS GL 01

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Effective, low energy consumption grow light with waterproof IP65 rating.  Encased LED light is perfect for wet areas and has the spectrum you need to make your grow a success. This is the same light found in our HydroRack system. Perfect for building your own HydroRack. 

  • Measuring 18 X 18 X 8 inches with internal driver. 
  • 49 Watt rated power
  • Connectable in series with central on off switch
  • Uses SMD 2835 LED's the latest and most efficient Surface Mounted Diodes
  • Red Blue White Ratio  4:1:1
  • Life Span 50,000 hours

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Suitable for appliance applications, enclosed or open rack systems, where lighting will be close to vegetation. 

Spectrum designed for intense vegetative growth in leafy greens

More info, specifications and for large applications,  please contact us.