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MicroPro Microgreen Growing KIT includes cover and first crop of seeds

MicroPro Microgreen Growing KIT includes cover and first crop of seeds

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By Popular Demand!  The MicroPro Microgreen Growing Kit!  Everything you need for your first microgreen crop.  Each kit includes our 2 part tray, a humidity dome for seed germination, and a pack of speckled pea pre-measured, in our exclusive soaking bag, for the perfect crop of Speckled pea shoots.  

Microgreen roots grow right through any growing medium placed in the top tray and into the bottom tray which acts as a reservoir. You'll be amazed how fast this happens! These smaller growing trays are much easier to store and refrigerate and can even be used for live deliveries direct to customers, to restaurants and farmers markets.  Chefs will love them, as will home counter top microgreen growers!  Harvest just what you need live from the tray and let the rest keep on growing! 

If growing larger seeds like pea shoots, or bean sprouts, these trays can be used without any growing media.  the seeds will sprout right in the tray and send roots down into the water.

When not in use they stack and store with a very small footprint.  Made from Virgin Polypropylene.

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Lid/cover IS INCLUDED WITH THIS KIT! PLUS you Get one crop of speckled pea shoots with your order!