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"Summer Sunset" Trachelospermum asiaticum Minima Jasmine Groundcover

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Back in stock,  young early spring crop for now.  

Upgrade your landscape with this stunning Asiatic Minima JasmineOgon Nishiki (Trachelospermum asiaticum) "Summer Sunset".  It also is known by the Name "Salsa" Asiatic Jasmine.  This unusual variety of Minima Jasmine, like the others, forms a dense mat of rugged vine-like woody stems to create a beautiful border or bed.  

Summer Sunset or Salsa,  is unique among the minima jasmine with its vibrant orange, creamy white, and dark green glossy leaves.   Like all the groundcover jasmines, it is practically bulletproof. It will thrive in filtered light to full sun.

Summer Sunset will be at full and best color in full sun. Under oak trees, it will be a little more on the green side with flecks of orange and cream.  On parkways, and beds it will be a showy performer. Top dress with controlled release fertilizer and water well until established.

Read Minima Jasmine Planting Instructions HERE


2 inch plants can be planted on 8 inch centers.  120 plants will cover approximately 100 SF

4 inch plants can be planted on 12 inch centers.  36 plants will cover approx 50 SF staggered. 

Both the 2 inch cells and 4 inch cells are fully rooted with three plants per cell, and ready to grow.   

We ship Asiatic minima jasmine all over the south and are equipped to handle your quantities.  

If you need a 600 or more, please contact us for a custom quote including custom low cost delivery.  We ship throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina and North Carolina.  We are not shipping to California, Texas or Louisiana at this time.   

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