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x Ophiopogan japonicus Mondo Grass Dwarf 4 inch

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"Mondo Grass" Is a tough short groundcover popular for use between stepping stones or in featured areas. If you have water fountains or statuary, it works really nice to frame an area.  It pairs really nicely with paths.   Mondo grass will completely fill.  into an area, politely allowing paths 

Dwarf Mondo Grass Ophiopogon japonicus is a compact tidy little grass that rarely (if ever)  needs mowing.  It's probably not going to be a turf grass of choice, as it doesn't take traffic well and.. it's expensive, but it certainly is beautiful when one wants to frame an area as in the example above. It works great to frame fountains or water features. It also works well between stepping stones.  Its a grass that as it grows in, can be divided with divisions replanted.  It pretty much stays compact and tight.  If you have an area that you want mondo grass to grow, you'll want to plant it close and tight, 6 inch centers max!   Dwarf mondo height reaches only 4 inches.  These guys like shade or filtered sun and do like their water :)  

We offer 4 inch cells of nicely turned out dwarf mondo for you to use in your borders, around ponds, in rock gardens or to frame or enhance a special item in your landscape, or fill a shady spot.    You won't be disappointed!  Minimum order for 4 inch cells is 72 plants. This should nicely cover about 36 SF following the guidelines above.  

 If you need a lot, over 1000, please contact us for aggressive pricing and shipping.