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x Perennial Peanut Groundcover

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Is Ornamental Perennial Peanut the ultimate hot climate ground cover? Could be. Ornamental peanut has many advantages over grass. It can be used for large areas, borders and beds, slopes and more. Plus.. you can: 

  • Walk on it
  • Drive on it
  • Install it in in blazing sun and poor soil
  • Soft for bare feet

OH.. and as a bonus, it has pretty yellow flowers!  

You'll see it growing in full sun in medians, and it's fine in part shade too.  It's drought tolerant once established.   There are several varieties of Perennial Peanut. We have them all, and some are better for some environments than others. This particular variety is called "golden glory" .  If you are looking for another cultivar, please call us. 

Perennial ornamental peanut  is an EZ care groundcover that stays low and can serve many purposes.  Use it in high foot traffic areas, its soft and cool on bare feet.  It can be used in storm water runoff areas for mitigation. Plant on a slope for slope stabilization. Some varieties spread through rhizomes so is easy to control (you won't have it popping up in your planters because it does not spread by seed)  Even the flowers are edible! they have a slight peanut taste :)  It can be mowed any time you want to see it a little tighter. 

We sell our peanut in 2 inch or 4 inch sizes. Both are fully rooted and ready to grow!  Minimum order is 120 2 inch, just right for about 100 sf.  Minimum order for 4 inch is 36 cells. Get yours now!  

If you need a lot we ship all over the Southern States. We do not ship to California, Texas or Louisiana.  Contact us for special pricing and special shipping for orders of 1000 or more.  

Call for more info.

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