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Rolling MicroPro Microgreen Growing Racks

Rolling MicroPro Microgreen Growing Racks

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Check out these handy rolling open racks designed for use with the MicroPro Trays.

Choose from Single tray 3 level or double tray 3 level.  MicroPro growing Trays are included!  These are perfect to use to chase the sun or to roll into a closet or pantry for seed germination dark periods.  Can also be used in walk in coolers for easy storage and access to live delivered microgreens.  They are very lightweight and easily maneuverable. 


1 tray 3 level:  22" h X 13.5" X 11"  

2 tray 3 level:  22"h X 27" X 11" 

Image is not exactly as constructed.  The two tray version is basically 2 of the 3 level carts joined by connectors.  Easy assembly. 

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