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The Bloody Mary Experience - Bloody Mary Mix

The Bloody Mary Experience - Bloody Mary Mix

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On a recent trip to Cedar Key Florida, we discovered the Low Key Hideaway Tiki Bar. More importantly we discovered Remy (Rob Rimavicus) and his FANTASTIC Bloody Mary Mix: The Bloody Mary Experience. Remy's Bloody Mary Experience is a true Island sensation in the hidden away paradise of Cedar Key. In his words:

"Remy's Bloody Mary Experience is hand crafted from scratch as the house mix for the
Low Key Hideaway Tiki Bar , tucked away on the Gulf Coast in beautiful Cedar Key, Florida. Developed over the course of 2 years using customer suggestions and feedback, it was continuously tweaked and adjusted until the eyes rolling back in their heads, the happy butts wiggling in their seats, the little noises of satisfaction, and constant glass licking told me we had reached perfection! Simplicity, quality, and balance are the elements that bring this mix to life. Just high quality ingredients with no preservatives, stabilizers, or unpronounceable additives.

In Rob's words: 
"I Start with premium tomato puree (not from concentrate), lightly sweetened with honey, balanced with horseradish, premium Worcestershire, and spices, and then blended with a generous portion of pureed whole garlic dill pickles, this is a Bloody Mary mix unlike any other!"

Now you don't have to travel to Cedar Key to get this fantastic Bloody Mary Mix. From the first sip, you know this mix is about as premium and delicious as it gets! Get this stellar nutritional breakfast and hangover cure here right here and we will ship it to your door.

Sold in full one quart jars - Get yours today!
Contains NO alcohol, you provide your own.

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