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Tillandsia Selection Small Growers Choice

Tillandsia Selection Small Growers Choice

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Get a Great Selection of Small Tillandsias for Your Project!

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Get your box of selected small Tillandsias!  You'll find several ionantha varieties in this Small Tillandsia collection.  They are ready to use for your event or project.

 Tillandsias are the ultimate EZ care plant.  No soil needed!  These plants, cousins of bromeliads, can be mounted on driftwood, rocks etc with a bit of wire. They can even be glued to their display. Add them to shells or driftwood, planks, frames, rocks, in containers..  there are so many fun things you can create with your Tillandsias!  Your creation will look great in the office, on the coffee table, as a centerpiece, an arrangement, hanging on the wall or fence. 

Tillandsias are also fun for party favors, wedding centerpieces, even in bouquets. 

Caring for Your Tillandsias

These plants live on air and water in the wild. So caring for the air plants Tillandsia is pretty easy.  First of all, Don't place the roots and base of the plant  in an area that is moist all the time. This will cause your Tillie to rot!  (in the Tillandsia Nursery they are grown on wire mesh!!!)   Do Mist regularly if they are inside, possibly as much as daily.  Keep in mind that they often grow in rainforest environments so they like humidity.. If you don't have that in your home, then you'll meed to provide it in your mist.

 You can also use a VERY dilute water soluble fertilizer at the rate of 1/4 teasp per gallon, in your misting bottle no more than once per month. Purchase fertilizer with LOW copper.  Copper is toxic to Tillandsias.  Use this dilute mixture in your misting bottle and just mist with it. 

Tillandsias like LIGHT but not direct sun.   Place where they have exposure to bright light for maximum results. 

The small tillies come 20 per box.   Free Shipping :) 

The images of the ionanthas on the wood displays are examples of how a simple ionantha, paired with a little bit of wood, a couple rocks and some moss creates a beautiful little air plant feature, easy to care for, welcomed as a gift and fun to make! 

Note:  Tillandsias color will vary throughout the year.  Sometimes they will be very colorful, and blushing,  sometimes not as much depending on their season. They will all bloom at some point.  After blooming, the mother plant will put forth pups that will be attached to her and feed off her.  She will eventually die and sacrifice herself to feed her babies.  Don't worry tho.. she will  look alive sometimes for years! Babies can be left to grow from her or removed to start a new project.  

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