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Tradescantia spathacea Tricolor Oyster Plant Variegated Dwarf

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Variegated tricolor oyster plant is great for a groundcover, border plant, rock garden plant or in a mass planting.  Part shade,will be most suitable exposure and show off the oyster plant the best, however it can grow in full sun and shade.  Its a spreading plant that provides both interesting texture and color.

Growing to only about 8 inches high, they are perfect to plant in the foreground of other higher plants. Other names: Moses in the Cradle, Rhoeo.  Oyster will freeze so risk free zones are  Zone 9b and 10 only.    

Caring for oyster plants is pretty simple, specially when planted in part shade and rich well draining soil.  Once planted in it's preferred environment, you can pretty much ignore it. As a succulent,  It does not like wet feet and will deteriorate rapidly in areas that do not drain well. 

Our tricolor oyster plants are sold in boxes of 120 2 inch plants (minimum order) This will be enough for approximately 80 Square Feet.   


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