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UV-C Sterilizing Unit for Home, Office, Car, Hotel Rooms

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The  UVC GL 021 sterilizing unit is specially designed for use in homes, bathrooms, offices, hotel rooms RV's and more.  UVC is very effective against all virus, bacteria, dust mites, bed bugs and more.  This unit will sterilize a room of up to 200 Square feet. 

The UVC GL 21 is housed in a durable aluminum frame

Technology:  These Units are germicidal UVC  with a wavelength of 254 nm light. UVC sterilization has been used for many years in sterilization of medical instruments and in water purification systems.  UVC light kills bacteria, viruses, germs, dust mite eggs, dust mites, molds, etc by destroying their DNA.

The GL 021 UVC lamp uses the ultraviolet light spectrum of 254nm to achieve sterilization. UVC disinfection technology has unparalleled sterilization efficiency of other technologies, reaching kill rates of 99%~99.9%.

The scientific principle of ultraviolet disinfection is that it acts on the DNA of microorganisms, destroying  the DNA structure, causing it to lose the functions of reproduction and self-replication achieving  the purpose of sterilization. Ultraviolet
sterilization has the advantage of being colorless, odorless and with no chemical residue

Since UVC is harmful to skin an eyes, all people and pets must leave the room.   The lamp controls use a motion sensing safety feature and will not operate if there is motion in the room. (including oscilating fan)  

Once the unit is activated, a tone sounds and the operator has 20 seconds to leave the room before the light activates. If the light detects motion it will not operate.  

2 timing modes of 30 or 60 minutes. 

Unlike some units, our lamps produce minimum Ozone, which can be an irritant. 

Lamp bulbs last for 8000 hours. 


Power 20 watt Input Volts 120/220-50-60HZ
Life Span 8000 hrs Input Current 184 mA
UV effective area 20-40 meter sq Timing Mode Smart timer
UVC Light Spectrum 254nm