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Wedelia "Golden Oxeye" Groundcover Plant

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Wedelia is a fast growing groundcover that aggressively takes its position in your yard. Attractive with yellow daisy-like flowers, once established, it is there to stay so be sure it is the ground cover for you.  

Wedelia is often found on parkways, medians and filling in shady areas under oak trees.  It will readily spread and is a softer plant.  It can be mowed and trimmed with out damage.  Wedelia will grow in full shade, part shade, part sun and full sun.  It is very cold hardy, although will decline in mid winter with temps in the 40s, drought tolerant once established and LOVES heat!  

You'll Buy our Wedelia in trays of 60 2 inch cells. 120 is the minimum order. This will be enough to cover about 100 SF.   The 2 inch cells are fully rooted  and are ready to grow.  We do not offer 4 inch Wedelia

  We ship Wedelia  all over the south and are equipped to handle your quantities.  

If you need a 1,000 or more, please contact us for a custom quote including custom low cost delivery.  We ship thoughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina.  We do not ship to Texas, Louisiana, or California.   

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